How to Play – 4. Guards!


Brian (Faeran) can’t seem to shake off a hell hound. Adam (Griphyth) explains the uses of Guard Towers and Spirit Templars, and how they are used.

Wurm Online is an MMORPG sandbox set in a persistent, seamless fantasy world. It has a completely skill based leveling system, and a world you can fully shape to your needs. It has an unlimited free trial with an optional premium service costing 8 euros a month.

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Great work guys, loving the entire series so much even watched a few them more than twice.

These "how to play" ones are funny and informative I even learnt a new tactic in the "run" episode.

Great work to date and look forward to more of the same awesomeness in the future - Lawurm

faeran moderator

@Lawurm Thanks for watching Lawurm. We'll definitely be releasing a lot more of these how to play videos in the near future. We also won't be forgetting to add in some longer episodes, village updates, possibly a live stream down the road. Keep checking back!