The Ship Building Episode


Beacher is buying a Sailboat! Follow along as the Factional Fight Brothers, Brian (Faeran) and Adam (Griphyth), share their insights into Shipbuilding, while finishing an order for their neighbor Beacher. Will they finish in time before Beacher has to log out? Find out next!

Wurm Online is an MMORPG sandbox set in a persistent, seamless fantasy world. It has a completely skill based leveling system, and a world you can fully shape to your needs. It has an unlimited free trial with an optional premium service costing 8 euros a month.

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a way to get some sb skill that isnt completely useless like imping oars,its making rafts,u can probable even sell some of those and buy yourself a boat.

and boats on carts was supposed to be removed on may 2012 but it wasnt because they are waiting to come up with something to replace that.