The Friend Experiment: Episode 2


Meet Sacha. A new Wurm Online player who is eager to learn about the game. With the Factional Fight brothers as a personal Wurm resource, Sacha heads out to complete the goals that are presented to him. In this weeks episode, Sacha is tasked with leading the gang throughout Deli to find a spot to call home. Observe a true newbie perspective as Sacha attempts to learn his way around the game.

Wurm Online is an MMORPG sandbox set in a persistent, seamless fantasy world. It has a completely skill based leveling system, and a world you can fully shape to your needs. It has an unlimited free trial with an optional premium service costing 8 euros a month.

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Hi there Guys. Must say that i started wyrming just recently, an everything Sacha did well... well i did it the same way, i keep my thumbs for him. Unfortunately I did not have anyone who could guide me, to explain this and that (and maybe I did have, I mean your movies). Hopefully Wurm has an understanding community, and there is a help channel (CA Help). By the way, it's your fault that I started to play, so feel yourselves blamed.

As for Your village,  you are doing an amazing job at your location , beautiful harbor district . Nevertheless, it seems to me that you are missing one important thing , which is ... the lighthouse . Because you have a port , you should consider building a lighthouse , signaling a weary travelers to a safe harbour . You could locate it within your latifundia , or on a separate deed, for example, a small island (say, 5x5 deed ) dismissed by some 30 tiles (not to obscure your colossi ). An island protruding from the sea with lighthouse on top. In my head I have a simple design , with the building of 3x3, reaching as high as possible , at the top tapering to a 1x1 arched stone walls filled with lanterns. One of the corners of the lighthouse could be isolated by creating a public staircase ( oh yes, you can not manage permissions of each door, but there are other ways ) .A public observation deck at top of the lighthouse, with the view at the harbor, the colossi and castle towering over them . Well it seems to me like an interesting project.