The Friend Experiment: Episode 3


This is the third episode in the continuing adventures of the Friend Experiment. Where our friend Sacha learns the game from scratch, and we film it all for your viewing pleasure. In this episode, we give him the goal of building a small 1×1 house, and watch him as he figures out the process. Will he succeed in his task, or will the unexpected get in the way? This video was live streamed on our twitch channel on the night of January 21, 2014.

Wurm Online is an MMORPG sandbox set in a persistent, seamless fantasy world. It has a completely skill based leveling system, and a world you can fully shape to your needs. It has an unlimited free trial with an optional premium service costing 8 euros a month.

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I would love to join you guys. I have just started to learn and develop early skills. After watching some of your live-streams and hearing about your list of mmos you two have played. I'm willing to learn just want to be apart of a great team with the same interest. I haven't finished your series yet or other live-streams so if not no worries. :D

faeran moderator

@Vuzist Hey Vuzist, thanks for your comment. These days we play sporadically and you'd probably wonder where we are most of the time. However, there are lots of great villages out there which are newbie friendly. Check the official forums in the village recruitment centre and I'm sure you'll be surprised just by how many great wurmians there are out there.