The Journey to Puzzles

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The Journey to Puzzles is a chronicled account of an adventure in Wurm Online. Join me, Griphyth, as I tell the tale of my experiences playing in this rich and authentic world, on a quest with Faeran and Nicile to find our home.

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Spiders, Spiders and More Spiders


The first corpse run of our journey opened the floodgates for many subsequent ones. We had broken the proverbial seal and Faeran, Nicilie and I each got our chance at running back to Nightmare Lake from Green Dog at least a few times. After the second time the run didn’t seem so bad and I could traverse the distance in about 20 minutes. It seemed hard to believe that it took us many days to get here the first time. Well, this is the Wurm learning curve. It felt as if I was learning real direction sense and orienteering skills and I was actually getting better at it. This wasn’t my character gaining in-game skills. This was me learning to use a community made map to get from point A to point B, a map that had not been updated to reflect any newly made roads or villages. This made it extremely difficult to get around and so I had to resort to using landmarks such as mountains and bodies of water to find my way. In addition, I had my trusty compass that took about 15 seconds of standing still to settle and to show me which way I was facing. While dying this many times was rather inconvenient, at least we were getting something out of it. We were learning the area and, more importantly, how to get around in the world. This is not to mention the friendship we had already gained with Mr. Nice.

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The Corpse Run

Upon arriving at Nightmare Lake, we stopped to evaluate our situation. We had come a long way, but still had a long journey ahead of us. We knew the final leg of the journey would be treacherous because there were no roads where we were heading which would greatly reduce our speed. We would have to deal with that problem when we came to it. For now, we found ourselves in a nicely populated area. It seems that in this game, water attracts many settlements, as it is an important resource not to mention a source of fish. It is also mandatory for shipbuilding, for which a lot of people seem interested in. Well, I suppose you could build a ship inland, but I wouldn’t want to be the one who has to pull it to the shore.

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The Fishing Rod

It was only a small fenced off area, no more than 50 square tiles. Small piles of odds and ends littered the ground with little to no organization. Many of the tiles were just plain packed dirt. At the entrance to the lot was a 1×1 house with but two finished walls. This place really wasn’t much to look at, but it meant one very important thing to us: our safety. The surrounding area was teeming with wildlife. In every direction that we could exit there was a mob waiting for us, its saliva dripping from its mouth. We settled in to evaluate our situation.

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Flight to Willow Pond

Our cousin Gathilas had joined the party so there were now four of us in total. Our plan was still to head to the east coast where it looked empty on the community created map, which can be found here: Deliverance Community Map

Our journey began north of Green Dog and our plan was to head east to Nightmare Lake and circumvent it to the north. Now, my sense of direction in the real world is superb. I have never had an issue traversing downtown roads in a major city and I have driven halfway across the country with no problem. But in video games, particularly MMOs, my direction sense is next to useless. After 5 minutes of walking I couldn’t tell at all where we were on the map. It didn’t help that there have been many changes to the roads since the map was updated in this region. My brother Faeran, on the other hand, seemed to know which way to head and our journey began with out a hitch. Except this is Wurm and hitches are what it is all about.

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In Preparation for a Long Journey

During our digging session, one of the topics of discussion was what supplies to bring with us on our journey to find our new home. This game is filled with genuine problem solving situations and you never know what you may need down the road. We expected that at some point we would find ourselves in need of something that we couldn’t make or get. We later found out that this is a near impossibility in this game, but had no idea at the time. With enough determination, motivation and time, every problem can be solved. If you have read Surviverman’s blog, you would know this to be true.

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My First Impressions

Ever since I started playing Wurm a few months ago, the prospect of making a blog to chronicle my adventures had intrigued me. I had even said to my brother, with whom I play, that this game lends itself to blogging because of the rich, authentic experiences it provides. And so, with full intention of blogging about my experiences in Wurm, I started a new character and set out on my adventures. I played and played and played, gathering many experiences with which to share, but as anyone who plays Wurm would attest, there never seems to be time to do so. I am always occupied with one task or another that inevitably leads to another and the idea of the blog went to the wayside. It has been just over two months and man, what a two months it has been.

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